About Jason

Hello, everyone.  My name is Jason and I am a 48 year old male naturist.  I have been a naturist since my early 20’s when I went to a nude resort in Massachusetts.  I was nervous that first time taking my clothes off in a social setting, but within 30 minutes, it felt as if I should have been doing the clothes free route my entire life.  I realized I didn’t have the perfect body and I accepted it 100% since everyone there was not a perfect person, each having their own internal or external flaws.
For the most part I just stayed to myself and enjoyed the activities the resort offered, like the pool, hot tub, hiking around and all.  I had rented a cabin for the night which was really nothing more than just a place to sleep.  The bathrooms were coed and a did not have a private bath in my cabin, so I just used the facilities with the rest of the guests staying overnight as well.

From that point, I went on to always find a naturist resort to stay at if I was on vacation.  I took a trip to Florida and made sure I stayed at a resort so I could be my true self – I could live as a naturist on vacation.  Nothing was better than that week I ended up getting the worse sunburn in my life.

I have become the owner of many naturist websites and the owner/founder of an eCommerce online store.  My other sites are thenaturistmovement.com and skycladmall.com.

All in all, I am very happy living the naturist life.  I have never looked back from that visit the first time to the resort in Massachsetts and thought I wish I had never done this.  I have met some great naturists over my years in person and online, and I wouldn’t give it up for the world!