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Are you new to naturism?

New Naturists, if you are a home or social naturist, have many options to be educated on the naturism topic.   Look for social non-sexual naturist groups in your area, check the area for a possible naturist resort, or go online and search for items for new naturists.  Here in the United States, the American Association for Nude Recreation is a good place to start – I DID!

Once you become a naturist.

First off, CONGRATULATIONS!  Now your life is going to be so much easier living the clothes free style.  You should feel more body positive about yourself and others, and you should feel body shame is nothing at all.  No one judges you as a true naturist – we are all unique individuals who happen to like to live undressed.

Things to do as a naturist.

Your world has become a whole new lifestyle.  Think of the things you do as a textile, and within reason, you can do the same as a naturist.  Do your laundry(which will be less), have a dinner party, go to a resort, meet others for outdoor adventures like hiking or kayaking. You will never believe you didn’t live this lifestyle before you actually became a full fledged naturist.